C-Suite Talk Podcast: Greg Ramfos

Clients Going over Internal Process

In this episode, Steve Crane talks with Greg Ramfos, entrepreneur and CEO. Greg shares his story on how he started up two successful companies in two entirely different industries and how, when he hears the word “no,” it’s only the beginning of the conversation. You’ll enjoy hearing Greg’s story and how he faces adversity.

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C-Suite Talk Podcast: Jeff Colton

Business Meeting Modern Office

In this episode, Jeff Colton, CEO at LÍLLÉbaby, shares the story of how he worked his way into the CEO role and how he builds a strong team.

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CFO’s and Clarity

Do Something Great

I was recently speaking with a VP of FP&A. She told me she had left a company a few years ago because she did not understand the Vision of the company and the company ultimately started to drift down. Think about it, she was in the FP&A group so privy to the company’s detailed strategy…

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Interview Tips For CFO’s

Interview Tips for CFOs

I’ve been a retained search consultant now for four years after being a public company CFO for 17 years and thought I would share some observations and tips with you in regards to the interview process in the hopes that it helps you land your dream job. This article will focus on the actual interview…

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What Makes a Good CFO?

What Makes a Good CFO

I was recently speaking with a CEO about what makes for a good CFO and it got me thinking more about it so I came up with a number of points on which I think CFO’s need to excel at to be considered a good CFO. Based on my own 20 plus year career as…

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