Developing a finance,
, and tax recruitment plan

We determine client expectations, cement hiring objectives, investigate possible causes for the vacancy, develop candidate performance goals, examine your culture and branding, as well as establish a collaborative approach to talent management.


Strategy Creation

Getting to know your business

At TouchPoint Search, we build strategies starting with success—visualizing how a successful placement will affect your organization, establishing clear performance objectives, and more effectively determining the candidate capable of accomplishing them.


Making Contact

Reach out. Recruit. Reveal.

We leverage our dedicated finance, accounting, and tax recruitment network, throwing a wide net, identifying promising candidates, assessing credentials, revealing motivations, and finally presenting only the candidates who reflect the culture of your organization and team.


Interviews. References.

Ensuring the quality of your candidates

Within eight to ten weeks from the beginning of the search, we provide clients with a pool of highly qualified candidates, including a detailed written and graphical analysis of each person and a report of our extensive reference verification in order to streamline the interview process.

We prepare an interview schedule, and, if desired, provide clients with a core issues topic and question outline to guide initial and final interviews. We also brief the candidates to facilitate productive conversations and make the best use of valuable time.


Pre-offer Negotiation and Preparation

Securing the best possible outcome

Our goal is always a mutually beneficial and long-term connection. We offer experience, insight, and counsel to help facilitate communications around salary, benefits, start date, and relocation issues. As niche financial recruitment specialists, we are highly effective in identifying any obstacles or underlying issues.


Search Completion and Follow Up

Begin and end with search success

TouchPoint Search ensures the onboarding process is implemented in an organized fashion, assuring this critical transitionary period fosters a healthy and productive connection between the candidate and employer.

At TouchPoint Search, we are your engaged
finance, accounting, and tax recruiters.